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The Hunt Museum is the oldest public museum in Glasgow, Scotland.
The museum happens to be home to the black pottery tray of Etruscan, which is said to have started in the 7th or 6th centuries. C. E. , in pre-Roman days.
It is not certain that the Etruscan pallet is the oldest pallet in existence, but it does indicate that the concept of the pallet was developed in ancient times.
The service tray we know today may have evolved from \"salver\", the term \"salver\" used in the UK in 1661, indicating a flat tray usually made of silver.
This word is derived from the Latin word \"salvare\", which means \"save \".
\"Initially, the use of salver meant that the food and drinks it served were suitable for Royal consumption, as a small part of it had been tested for poison.
Salvers are basically pallets with no handles, and some have feet.
Silver ornaments in the UK, Ireland and Scotland date back to the 1600 s.
British diaries and secretary of the Navy, Samuel Pethers, who lives between the ages of 1633 and 1703, is one of the elite owners of the silver sales company, indicating social status. Papier-
In the 18th and 19th centuries, Malé pallets are manufactured in Asia and Europe.
Paper, glue, chalk and other ingredients are molded and baked to produce hard materials.
Beautiful patterns of flowers and fruits
Marche tray, 19th century, mother-of-
Pearl Inlay was added.
In Zhostovo, a suburb of Moscow, Russia, hand-made tradition
Painted metal pallets originated in folk art.
The artists first painted colorful flowers on the paper basin.
About 1825 m of Malé pallets, by 1830 they had started painting on metal pallets made in the Urals mountains.
The original floral repertoire in a black background is expanded to include images of fruits, landscapes and folk scenes.
Every tray is a hand-
Hand-painted works of art signed by master Zhostovo artist
Turning edges and gold
Highlight the border.
From 1940 to 1960, melamine products have become popular in the United States, including melamine trays.
Melamine or \"Melmac\" tableware is more popular than China and other materials because it is both modern and durable.
During World War II, the United StatesS.
The Navy reportedly used melamine trays made by the Commonwealth molding company. of Australia.
These waterproof and durable pallets are ideal for use as meal trays on board.
This period of time also saw the appearance of the TV tray in 1952, which has been very popular since then.
In 1970, the first new tray and supplemental pottery design
Air Italia Alitalia\'s cabin makes the most of the pallet space and makes the passengers as happy as possible in the limited dining area.
Pallet manufacturers have combined traditional materials with innovative designs in recent years.
In China, Thailand and other Asian countries, teak, bamboo and rattan plates are now in stylish, modern shape.
In the UK, pottery companies like Royal Albert designed special tea plates made of wood and embedded painted tiles.
Other options today include acrylic trays for plastic and letter combinations.
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