the history of the ballotin - the classic belgian chocolate gift box

by:Changda     2020-06-13
This year marks 100 anniversary of the balloon movement.
I believe every Belgian chocolate connoisseur has opened one --or many -
These balloon boxes in their lives.
In fact, since its creation in 1915, balloons have been around, carefully filled with chocolate in countless stores, or greedily enjoyed by thousands of chocolate lovers around the world.
The box looks elegant but low-key, showing the content while successfully protecting the content.
At the beginning of the last century, two major inventions changed the way people enjoyed chocolate: in the 1912 S, Jean Neuhaus developed a technology that made it possible for the first time, make chocolate with soft fillings.
The first invention was called \"praline \".
These chocolates continue to be sold in paper wrap, a traditional method, but there are two main disadvantages: it can\'t show chocolate in an elegant way, and worse, it offers little protection, often damage or damage the appearance of pralines.
As chocolate becomes more sophisticated, beautifully designed, and fillings become more complex, the Belgian chocolate kitchen desperately needs a box specially designed for them.
A beautiful elegant but practical gift box that protects chocolate from damage on the way home.
In 1915, their voices were answered, and Louise agossini, the wife of little Jean Newhouse, designed the first balloon (
From the ballot paper, the French term for \"small packaged goods)
A box that can safely wrap chocolate.
It is also a wonderful design that is beautiful, simple but elegant, and it is easy to fill and close with the flaps that are elegantly fixed with ribbons.
Jean Newhouse decided not to apply for a patent for the invention, which pleased other chocolate companies at the time, that\'s why all the top Belgian chocolate manufacturers now sell their chocolates in this timeless gift box.
After 100, the Belgian chocolate master used balloons more than ever, and in fact the box could be considered the signature of the best Belgian chocolate maker.
While there have been some minor changes in design over the years to allow a more efficient manufacturing process, the simple beauty of this gift box remains the same, make it one of the world\'s most famous items of luxury.
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