The importance of packaging | iron box information

by:Changda     2020-06-16
The iron box packaging industry has developed rapidly in the past decade, and anyone who buys anything can experience the satisfaction and beauty of unpacking. Not only is this an exciting process, but there is an atmosphere that makes the product even bigger. Packaging is an indispensable marketing strategy to make products attractive and attract consumers' attention. Many consumers will judge a product by its packaging before buying it, so creating a compelling and attractive stability will be of interest to first-time buyers. The packaging is really the product's identity. A classic case is & LDQuo; The Coca-Cola bottle. . On its packaging, ldquo; Coca-Cola; It displays an instantly recognizable LOGO and unique shape, making the product internationally famous. In many cases, like other commodities, packing is very important for it adds value to the merchandise. Therefore, packaging plays a catalytic role in the marketing process: product, location, promotion and price. According to the book Brand Gap, & LDQuo; Retail packaging is the last and best opportunity to make a sale. Throughout the &; Since not all brands are products, and not all products are sold at retail, the fact is that product and packaging design are critical to brand image. Consider that more than half of purchases are based on emotion, especially when the customer is uncertain and must choose between two brands. Not surprisingly, companies that have mastered the art of aesthetics are leading the way in their sales: Nike, IKEA, Nokia, etc. Their designs define them and give them a competitive advantage. When we are in front of the shelf, there are hundreds of products, which brand do you choose? That's when we start comparing, remembering and associating. Remember, the brain tends to categorize everything around us - it's the only way we can organize everything we see, hear, feel or know. It is important to fill in the gaps or gaps in this category, as our marketers call it in our lingo. The highest thought. . Whether we will product that is associated with advertising, or associated with using the product, or that is associated with packaging color and layout, these elements in our minds means elegant, simple, tacky, appropriate product design involves the form and function, and many, means the beginning of a brand experience with customers. In some cases, it triggers a base of customer loyalty. Product packaging also creates intangible communication with our customers and affects brand recognition. The following summary covers the most important points to consider when packaging your company's reseller brand: 1. Function of packaging The purpose of product packaging is to protect the product from damage. Product packaging not only protects the product during transportation from the manufacturer to the retailer, but also prevents damage to the product on the retail shelf. Most products come in some form of packaging. For example, tea must have containers and packages. 2. Printing design of packaging The way the product is packaged may entice consumers to browse on store shelves. As a result, many companies have conducted extensive research into color schemes, designs and product packaging types, which are most attractive to target consumers. 3. Packaging labels Packaging also plays an important role in describing product information. The outer packing may contain instructions on how to use or manufacture the product. 4. The promotion effect of packing The package may also contain information about the product's ingredients and nutrition. This information can help sell a product because it gives potential customers the information they need to make a purchase decision. The information contained on the package may encourage the reader to buy the product without having to talk to a shop assistant. 5. Packaging differentiation Packaging can also distinguish one brand of product from another. Because the package can contain the company's name, logo and color scheme, it helps consumers identify the product as it sits on store shelves among competitors. For example, as shoppers walk through the coffee aisle of their local grocery store, they can easily identify the bright orange, pink, and white packaging of the Dunkin'Donuts coffee brand in order to grab a coffee stand. Shoppers may identify with the company's brand, prompting them to buy products. If the product packaging changes, it may change the company's brand recognition, which does not mean that consumers will still not buy the product,
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