The Internet congress, xi greatly said what? | custom tea tins | moon cake tin box

by:Changda     2020-06-22
Tin box of customized with bosses. In the second world assembly on the Internet in the solstice, on December 16, 18 in wuzhen, zhejiang province, is the theme of the conference & other; Interconnectivity, sharing, should build the network space fate community & throughout; 。 Xi greatly in the conference theme of & other Throughout the world and love each other, treat &; Speech, the detailed content of speech on the Internet can be seen everywhere, not repeat one by one, just want to simple and focus on the Internet meeting friends, study together acquisition greatly the focus of this lecture content. And electricity capitalists sung hsing teacher after further communication and discussion, personally think that the main content of the speech, chairman of the acquisition can be summarized as: a goal, two fulcrum, three major strategies, four principles and five proposals. One goal: to make the Internet development benefits of more than 1. 3 billion Chinese people, to better benefit the people all over the world. Two fulcrum: 1. Different countries and regions of information gap widening, the existing network space governance rules are difficult to reflect the will and interests of the most countries. 2. Worldwide in the violation of privacy, infringement of intellectual property, network crime, such as network monitoring, network attacks, network terrorist activities become a global public hazards. The three major strategies: network power strategy; National strategy of big data; “ Internet + & throughout; A plan of action. The four principles: respect the network sovereignty; Maintain peace and security; To promote cooperation and open; To build a good order. Five proposals: 1. To speed up the global network infrastructure construction, promote the interconnectivity. 2. Create online culture communication sharing platform, promote mutual communication. 3. Promote the development of network economy innovation, promoting common prosperity. 4. Network security, and promote the orderly development. 5. Build the Internet governance system, promote fairness and justice. Tin case in May this year to keep up with the tide of the Internet, hope to sale in domestic market have a better breakthrough, thanks to the Internet, realize the high speed development of domestic and foreign trade two-way.
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