The recovery rate of tinplate beverage cans was

by:Changda     2020-06-16
Tinplate can is a beverage can with high recovery rate. Metal packaging statistics confirm the high recovery rate of tinplate beverage cans The tinplate beverage can was recently held in Barcelona, Spain. Smithers Pira Sustainability; The meeting was certified as the beverage container with the highest recycling rate in the world. Seven out of 10 drink cans sold in the EU are recycled and 75 per cent of all aluminium produced today is still in use. Metals (especially tinplate) have long been a leader in recycling because it is a permanently usable material that can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality in its structural integrity. However, it is not just aluminium-packaging steel that achieved a record average recycling rate of 78% in Europe in 2015, including five countries where recycling rates exceeded 85%. As people pay more attention to packaging, consumers are now more concerned about the waste they produce and want to know about the latest recycling statistics. The tank factory said: Now, the news that tin cans have been confirmed as the most recycled beverage packaging in the world is good news for environmentally concerned consumers. To meet the brand's own sustainability goals and to meet the customer pair. Green & throughout; Jars are ideal for packaging needs. Throughout the &; While these figures are encouraging, much remains to be done to reach the European target of 80 per cent average growth by 2020. Metal packaging must be fully recognized in the eyes of consumers as a true model of recycling. However, this depends not only on serious consumers, but also on the right legislative framework to build an effective circular economy. In a circular economy, it is inherent to start and end with new products that can be used over and over again. The recovery rate is a good indicator of whether the recovered material is used for new applications. Packaging and packaging waste policies should be based on a reasonable life cycle assessment. In a circular economy, this means that the focus should be on multiple life cycles.
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