The structure of the tin is a which part? Dynamic | | company cans factory

by:Changda     2020-06-20
The structure of the tin is a which part? Tin is currently on the market circulation of metal packaging products, but because of its varieties too, as a result, a lot of friends to the structure of the tin can completely don't understand. The current classification, according to the structure of the tin can and processing generally divided into two pieces of tin, three pieces of tins and aerosol cans. Two pieces of tins and 3-piece cans can be pressed into any shape, such as round cans, square cans, such as any abnormity tin can form. Two pieces of tin is to point to by iron pot cover and the body with bottom metal tins of two parts. Body and the tank bottom is adopt the method of drawing processing of hollow shape as a whole, this method of forming stamping tensile processing, so the two pieces of tin is also known as stretch tank. 3-piece cans, tank as a piece of, cover and bottom respectively. Three pieces of tin market at present is common, common in daily life, such as wang ji cans, moon cake tin box, etc. , are all three pieces of tins structure.
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