The tea tin box manufacturer teaches you puer tea bubble method

by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tea tin box packaging in the people's first impression is a single pack cans on the market, or tin box, today for everyone to popularize the knowledge of tea tin box, and tea. Tea originated from China, the first, tea was used as an offering. But from the late spring and autumn period can be as food to eat, in the western han dynasty medium-term development for medicinal, the late western han dynasty have been advanced for the palace drinks, popular folk as ordinary beverage that is after the western jin dynasty. Found the ruins of the earliest artificial planting tea in zhejiang yuyao river hill site, has a history of more than 6000 years. Many different kinds of tea, bubble method is different also, next to puer tea as an example. Pu-erh tea, also known as oolong tea, yunnan as part of the black tea, because the original distribution center in PuEr County, therefore puer tea. Pu 'er tea in yunnan big leaf bask in oolong tea as raw material, using method and fermented oolong tea, from fermentation can be divided into different raw tea and ripe tea two kinds, products divided into two categories, loose tea and compressed tea. 1, put pu 'er tea in filter cup, about 10 grams ( Covered cup bottom, slightly high) 。 2, use completely boil water injection filter cup, at the end of the cover of tea. 3, a little, take out the filter cup, abandon to the first line of tea. 4, again into the boiling water, cover at the end of the tea and cover the lid, let stand for 10 to 20 seconds. 5, open the lid upside down, take out the filter cups, slightly drops to tea juice, as for the lid. 6, this bubble a cup of aromatic alcohol and tea. 7, after enjoying the delicious first a cup of tea, repeat steps 2 ~ 4, but prolonged 30 seconds, to drink the second cup of tea, steps to pu 'er ripe tea. Pu 'er tea packaging form is also varied. There are most of the puer tea is tin box packing or aluminum box, this is to cater to the needs of the consumers. In order to meet the requirements of customers can customize all kinds of iron tea packaging or aluminum packaging. Printing can also be customized according to customer's play. There are more than 700 sets of tin box mould for customer to choose, including all kinds of tea tin box, can also according to customer needs to customize the tea tin box, provide mould making, proofing, production one-stop service.
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