The tea tin box - — The most effective tools for creating tea brand

by:Changda     2020-06-21
“ Throughout history of Chinese tea &; , controversial, profound history, love of tea is more literati shi. The wind of tang and song dynasties, tea is becoming more and more prosperous, the tea culture also gradually spread all over the world. Although the history of tea have so deep but far less tea tea history of tin box. Tea tin box continue incredible is used to hold tea box, is made of tin. Tea tin box printing is very exquisite, a variety of shapes. According to the structure of the tea tin box generally divided into two piece cans and three cans. Both tin is the use of die stamping, is quite common on the market. Tea tin box basically apply to all tea packaging. Such as lapsang souchong tin box, Taiwan high mountain tea tin box, 'biluochun' tin box, tieguanyin tea tin box, etc. Tea generally require sealing is very good, tieguanyin, for example, many of them are vacuum packing, a small bag of a bag, deserve to go up again the tea tin box packaging, outside a gift or own use are very high-grade, perhaps the tea tin box itself is a kind of high-end route. Many buyers think tea with tin box packing cost will be high price, the idea is not wrong, it is also a dedicated buyers said on the one hand, but can factory can recommend that buyers will look ahead a little. If considering the cost of the bulk tea is don't have to cost more? But his bulk tea quality and taste with the tea to contrast with the packing, which one is more popular? Tea tin box is a kind of high-end route, I believe that every do tea boss hopes to build its own brand, so buyers actually stand in the perspective of the tea tin box of the boss is the best tool brand.
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