The theory of iron box packaging design

by:Changda     2020-06-17
In the age of appearance level, the so-called ldQuo; The tailor makes the man. Packaging is a means to realize commodity value and use value, as well as an extension of brand image. To succeed in the competitive market, your product packaging must be original and unique to attract customers. The packaging from the selection of packaging materials, now the better packaging materials on the market is tinplate; The packaging is more upscale. So, what should be paid attention to in tinplate packaging design? This paper briefly introduces several aspects that should be paid attention to in packaging design: packaging graphics, packaging text, packaging color and so on. Packaging graphics are divided into concrete graphics and abstract graphics, which can make the image of goods more perfect and guide the imagination of observers. Packaging text is divided into basic text, data text and explanatory text, which is an overall introduction of the product; The packaging color is mainly composed of light and shade, heat and cold, purity and other designs, which can reflect the cultural characteristics of the goods and thus leave a deep impression on people. 1. Packaging design concept Packaging design is a comprehensive reflection of product characteristics and consumer psychology, which directly affects consumers' desire to buy. Packaging design is also called body design. Package & throughout; It is the fine packaging of products. Throughout the &; It is the equipment of the product, which is beautifully presented in the form of vision to guarantee the safety of the product, bring visual aesthetic feeling and have economy. Packaging design according to the characteristics of the product to the precise positioning of the product, can become a good image of the enterprise. 2? Package design elements The four main elements of packaging design are: trademark design, which can be divided into trademark, graphic trademark and the combination of word and graphic trademark; Graphic design, can be divided into physical graphics, decorative graphics; Text design, mainly to convey information and exchange feelings; Color design, can beautify the packaging image, make product features outstanding. The trademark design of the package Trademark design represents the positioning of the corporate brand image, and also reflects the brand image. Trademark design is a creative embodiment of technical implementation, which marks the combination of words, images, colors and so on on the packaging of goods to form a visible symbol, and is a unique way of commodity information transmission. Features: ◆ It has unique uniqueness. ◆ Strong visual appeal. Can work well for the product. 4?? Packaging graphic design The graphic design of commodity packaging is the visual language of creative expression, giving people full visual enjoyment and strong sense of impact. The fine graphics on the package can enhance the product's appeal to people, so as to make consumers want to buy, and at the same time convey the information of the product in the form of symbols. Features: ◆ Strong functional expression. ◆ Strong visual sense of beauty. ◆ It has the dual function of expressing beauty and information. ◆ The transmission of intuition is more profound. 5? Packaging label text design Text is the most direct expression of information transmission, good packaging design cannot do without text performance. The text on the package can also be divided into basic text, mainly including the product name and the product composition capacity of the enterprise name and other information text advertising text, mainly artistic expression. Features: Can play a good role in the promotion of goods. ◆ Good performance on the characteristics of the product. ◆ Use verbal expression to strengthen the message. 6. Packaging color design Color is a very important scientific expression, the subjective is the behavior response, the objective is the stimulus phenomenon and psychological expression. The maximum integrity of color is the performance of the picture, you can grasp the overall color trend, coordinate the color changes, make it more holistic. An important source of color is the production of light, it can be said that there is no color without light. Sunlight breaks down into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple, each with a different wavelength. Color, lightness, purity Color is caused by light and has the power to preempt others. The three elements of colour are hue, lightness and purity. Tone is the main characteristic of color, is the most accurate standard to distinguish each color. Hue is composed of primary color, intercolor and complex color. The color difference of different wavelengths depends on different wavelengths, even the same color can be divided into different color phase, such as red can be divided into bright red, bright red, orange red, blue can be divided into lake blue, blue, cobalt blue, gray can be divided into red gray, blue gray, purple gray. The human eye can distinguish more than 100 different colors. Brightness refers to the degree of light and shade of a color. Brightness not only appears in the degree of illumination of an object, but also in the degree of reflection coefficient. There are nine levels of lightness, ranging from 1 darkest to 9 brightest, and three tones. 1~3 grade for low brightness dark tone, give a person calm, thick, faithful feeling. Grade 4~6 is medium lightness tonal, give a person comfortable, downy, decorous feeling. 7~9 grade for high brightness bright tone, give a person fresh, lively, colorful feeling. Purity is the saturation of the color, and also the purity of the color. Purity emphasizes themes and unexpected visual effects in color matching. The color with high purity gives a person with intense stimulation, leave an impression on the person, but easy to give a person to feel tired, cooperate the color with low brightness, fine and comfortable. Purity can also be divided into three stages. High purity: Grade 8-10 is high purity, producing a strong, vivid and vivid feeling. Medium purity: Grades 4 to 7 are medium purity, producing a moderate, gentle sense of calm. Low purity: Levels 1 to 3 are low purity, producing a delicate, elegant, hazy feeling. The adjacent colors and contrasting colors of the package These days, proximity and contrast are used mostly for interior finishes. Interior decoration is not only a high induction, but also can use color to show the rich scene of the space, through the combination of different elements, perfect performance of the charm of the space. From the point of view of art, we can see the existence of each other in the adjacent colors. Look on color annulus namely the distance between two is 90 degrees, colour is cold warm property is same, can deliver similar colour emotion. Contrasting colors can be said to be a clear distinction between the two colors, which are 120 to 180 degrees apart on the 24-color ring. Contrast color can be divided into: contrast between warm and cold, hue contrast, lightness contrast, saturation contrast. Contrast color has strong differences, appropriate use can enhance the sense of space contrast and show a special visual effect.
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