The tin canned food poisonous?

by:Changda     2020-06-20
The tin canned food poisonous? Tinplate cans can a food? Made in tin canned food is poisonous? A lot of tin food industry buyers at the time of purchase tinplate cans usually have such doubt. Actually take this question is very necessary, the company is also very agree with buyers have such idea, it is shows that buyers of the company's intentions, concentration, for consumers to work with. So does tinplate cans of food poison? The answer is no, tinplate cans is not poisonous, food you can be at ease completely. Tinplate cans have been doing is foreign trade export, the export is known to all aspects of it are very strict examination, European and American countries for the requirements of the food industry goes through a testing process. The safety of food packaging is as important as food quality safety. This is the fda ( FDA) Requirements for food packaging. Export foreign trade companies to do more than ten years standing because we follow the international standard, strict with himself. Tinplate cans foreign won the ISO9001:2008, QS, CIO, the FDA and other domestic and international certification, and through the Disney, wal-mart, Coca-Cola and other international brands and SEDEX, BSCI inspection, products comply with food grade and material such as Europe, America, China safety standards. Internally from mining we expect that the last shipment has a strict inspection process, so that customers worry-free. You can feel free in customized tinplate cans, must let you with questions, with the trust.
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