The use of iron box packaging design to attract

by:Changda     2020-06-18
Your product packaging can facilitate or sell. If your packaging is attractive, polished and attractive, you can easily differentiate yourself from others on the shelf and gain valuable space in your shopping cart. But if the packaging isn't attractive, then there's a good chance shoppers will never look at it again, causing your well-intentioned design to sink into a sea of background noise and the static advertising we block when we shop. If you approach your packaging design through planning, getting the customer involved in packaging is not as difficult as it sounds. 1. Be consistent Of course, design consistency is important. You already know that, so we're not going to stress that. Make sure you include design elements that are consistent with your well-known brand. Keep the packaging language similar to the tone and style you use on your website and other marketing materials. Play with recognizable brand colors, logos, images or other visual elements that customers associate with your brand. Strengthen the definition of the brand's corporate goals; For example, if your company is committed to sustainability, indicate on the packaging that the product is made from recycled or post-consumer materials. Consideration of consistency is the minimum standard for packaging design. While not every consumer will find brands inconsistent, many of them will - and if they do, you'll lose some of the valuable brand equity you've worked hard to build in other channels. 2. Incorporate sensory elements of participation Let's face it - shopping can be boring. You know, we know, the client knows. But as a box packaging designer, let your shoppers forget what they know is your job. Your goal is to stimulate the shopping experience and get them excited about the idea of buying a product. One simple way is to engage their senses. The visual elements are given, but does your product have any other unique features? What is it made of? Does it have an aroma or other sensory information that can be used? Look for these opportunities in your product and design your packaging to support them. As a packaging designer, your goal is to provide customers with as much information as possible about your product. The visual elements are given, but you can take your design to the next level by incorporating elements that activate the shopper's senses. Include cut Windows that allow them to feel the material of the product. If users can try out any interactive features, expose them and let them experiment. If the smell is a function of the product (think candles or room fresheners), make sure shoppers can smell it without compromising the integrity of the package. The more your customers know about your product, the more likely you are to promote sales.
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