The value of using tin products dynamic | | company cans factory

by:Changda     2020-06-20
1, surface decorative performance is good, has a beautiful metallic luster, along with rich and colorful graphic printing and advanced metal processing technology, can form good pot goods and corporate image, improve product quality, increase sales. 2, double metal tin box packaging, green packaging, disposal and good performance. 3, due to the metal, the processing of high strength, transport, storage and sales and so on a series of process, it is not easy to deformation, protect the inner packing bottle, reduce loss, improve the efficiency of the company. 4, metal packaging enterprise image and product brand's second goal, has a great advertising effect, such as the market a lot of POTS. 5, EOE easy opening device, and other widely used, not only easy to open the tank destructive strong anti-fake function. Tin box packaging function point and use value as a means to in order to increase the value of the goods; Pot of green packaging, waste treatment and good performance. Protect tea, food, cosmetics and other goods, from the sun, wind, rain, dust pollution and other natural factors, prevent moisture evaporation, seepage, the melt, dyeing, collision and squeezing, the loss of lost or stolen.
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