There are many tea packaging tin box custom manufacturer, how can we choose good packing factory?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Along with our country economy unceasing promotion, the improvement of the national economy. We taste of life is higher and higher. “ Tea & throughout; As our country traditional a drink for young and old, is becoming more and more get our attention. Tea packaging tin box custom manufacturer is also more and more, so how do we choose good packing factory? “ Good tea with good pot, born to be perfect fit & throughout; , good tea needs good packaging, storage of tea is also a kind of learning. Tea in our country has a history of thousands of years ago, almost every family in a cup of tea. Tea species is numerous, but no matter which kind of tea, if stored improperly, will make a loss of tea fragrance. With tin box storage, can very good deal with this question. Tin box packaging, can very good out of touch with the tea with the air, the moistureproof, prevent oxidation, light resistance, anti odor has excellent effect. Tin box itself no smell at the same time, will not affect the original fragrant tea. The main role of the tea tin box is in order to improve the quality of tea products, and when selecting a tea tin box, for this is not to be ignored. Choose tea tin box must not be overlooked is the sealing effect, tea is the need for seal save, if exposed for a long time, it is easy to affect the quality of the tea, so choose tea packaging, sealing effect is also need to consider. Tea packaging tin box custom also has exquisite, general manufacturers do tin box is not cultured, the tea only above a layer of tin tin box lid to do the tank, to do the tank tea tin box up to more than 1 year shelf life, and can make the tank can hold 2 ~ 3 years, some vendors said: permanent and that is equal to talk nonsense, do bladder tin box can guarantee 2 ~ 3 years. Work must pay attention to. When we choose tea tin box, to the sealing effect of the tea tin box is certain not to ignore, this is also our when choosing the tea tin box, should focus on. Tea tin box manufacturers use level of tin tin box production, its sealing is quite good, if you need the tea tin box packaging customization, welcome to contact us at any time.
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