thief caught on camera stealing $13k from an airport security tray

by:Changda     2020-06-14
A shameless airport thief stole more than $13,000 in cash from another traveler.
One of the Italian national police forces, lucziya di Stato, posted CCTV footage on Twitter taken at Fiumicino airport in Rome.
The video shows a man in a striped T-shirt.
Two letters in the shirt package 8000 euros ($13,386)
Waiting in the airport security tray through x-ray machine.
However, as he waited for the scan, a man in a white shirt went through an x-
The machine in front of him
When the traveler\'s belongings appeared on the other side, the man in a white shirt quickly grabbed the envelope of the money before picking up his belongings and disappearing at the airport.
The owner of the cash then goes through x-
Start frantically looking for the money he lost.
According to Majiya di Stato, the cunning thief hid the cash in the airport bathroom for future collection-but was arrested as he prepared to board the plane for flight to Russia.
It is reported that the money was used for the medical treatment of relatives and returned to the legal owner.
Earlier this year, the Daily Mail reported several cases of theft at airport security checkpoints.
A security guard at a major London airport told the newspaper that some thieves even booked seats on cheap flights in order to get into a safe area.
\"They tend to be in the middle --
Elderly men working in groups.
Early in the morning, when people eat passengers for half an hour
He said that these children are sleeping, or when they are stressed, and their goal is for families who may be distracted by their children.
On one occasion, a woman had stolen a $1800 laptop at London City Airport before flying to the Netherlands.
Even your plastic
Bagged cosmetics are not safe: cosmetics stolen by another traveler are worth more than $500.
However, there are ways to protect yourself from airport theft.
• Consolidate your items: make sure all valuables are stored in your luggage before passing through the checkpoint-
It\'s better to hide in the pocket inside.
Don\'t walk past your luggage: every moment you leave your luggage unattended gives the thief a chance.
Wait until your item enters x-
Then, please pay close attention when you wait on the other side.
Check all content when collecting: after collecting the item, check quickly to ensure that all content is taken into account.
It would be helpful to write a list of items in advance.
Notify the authorities immediately once there is any theft: if anything is lost, immediately notify the airport security and police.
This gives them a better chance to track down the thief and take back your belongings before the thief flies away.
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