This year's iron box packaging design four trends

by:Changda     2020-06-18
1. Packaging information transparency: Consumers are increasingly looking for labels that go beyond simple ingredient lists. They want in-depth information, such as the source of the ingredients, the product pipeline along the way, and even the time frame from the farm to the store. In terms of personalized brand packaging, tend to be small, niche brands, can change their brands, they are creating a market. Big retailers, in turn, need to adapt to their own personalised brands. & other; 2. Packaged limited edition: Launch one-off or one-season products that retailers can experiment with in different markets and store areas rather than a full brand redesign. This trend has also changed with brand changes. That means consumers will get a little addicted and they know it. 3. Environmentally friendly packaging: Now consumers are looking for products that match their values. At present, the concept of environmental protection has been strongly supported by consumers. Some of the innovative brands that are leading the way across the spectrum are taking this very seriously. 4. Packaging digitalization: As more consumers turn to central stores and other grocery items, digital strategies must address the integration of brands and consumer purchases in real time. & other; Switching from in-store to online is not just about how products pop up on the shelves. We need to think about how looks translate into Numbers as online shopping and e-commerce continue to thrive. Mobile or online positioning of your brand and label on a shelf or screen is a multi-level and multimedia strategy. So that our partners can benefit from the emerging digital technologies and which technologies to incorporate into their business models or strategies, it's not feasible to take advantage of all aspects of digitization, so you need shoppers' data, their preferences, their past experiences in your store and so on. This is the starting point for choosing the right digital technology and strategy.
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