Three major trends in food packaging development

by:Changda     2020-06-17
1. Green packaging materials With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, and the government, society and printing and packaging enterprises gradually pay attention to environmental protection; & other; Lucid waters and lush mountains make golden hills. With the help of scientific and technological innovation and intelligent development, green and environment-friendly packaging will be the only way for food packaging enterprises to achieve sustainable development. In short: Recyclable, easy to degrade and light weight. . Now, there are more and more countries and regions in the world with different methods to restrict or stop the use of environmental pollution materials, the choice of tinplate packaging materials has also become the direction of food packaging industry development. 2. Diversity of packaging functions With rapid developed, and the packaging industry and consumer demand diversity, food packaging are carried out in the direction of more functional, with packing: good sealing, good confidentiality to avoid oxygen into, avoid the rapid loss of protein, effectively reduce the germ breeding, at the same time be moistureproof, preservation, high barrier, living, etc.; There are also modern smart label skills, such as two-dimensional code, anti-counterfeiting, and the combination of traditional packaging structure and color, highlight the characteristics of the product, is the future trend of food packaging industry. 3. Safety of packaging As we know, food can not be separated from packaging, packaging to protect the product from damage, its hardness is good, good rigidity, not easy to break. Can be used for small sales packaging, is also a large transport, etc. Prevent the packaging materials from contacting the products directly and avoid the residue of harmful substances. In addition, the basic function of packaging is to maintain food safety. However, some food packaging not only fails to maintain the effect of food, but also pollutes the food due to substandard packaging. Therefore, the innocuity of food packaging information plays a vital role in ensuring food safety.
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