Tin boutique gift box packaging what are the differences and common carton packing?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
We first see when shopping is the packing of the products, and in selected gift packaging is pay more attention to the appearance of the box. Tall on the stealth packaging that can carry the goods purchase desire, and a lot of people when the choose and buy of the colorful, grotesque package is full of curiosity. Tinplate gift box packaging has got the most people's favorite, so why tin gift boxes to emerge in many packaging? It with ordinary carton packaging what are the differences? Can below small make up, you can to share it: 1, box structure principle: ordinary cartons are clearly know is a piece of paper through the mouth of the beer process that it can be reduced and paste up and made into a box shape can be finished. The tinplate gift boxes are made of tin, tin tin plating steel sheet, also called tin-coated. Its corrosion resistance and rust prevention effect is very good, and it is convenient for printing, beautifully printed, so from the box gift boxes of carton packaging and materials as well as its structural differences can tell at a glance. 2. Ingredient: ordinary carton most of the cases in order to save costs will only put a level in the outer packing paper, on the inside of the box is basically can't stick, so led to a glamorous outside but the inside is put after mouth beer process of soft grey paper exposed, looks are not so beautiful. The tinplate is made up of steel ingot or by rolling of continuous casting steel. According to the different rolling method can put the low carbon steel sheet is divided into hot rolled low carbon steel sheet and cold rolled low carbon steel sheet. It can be used as the original production of tin plate; Also can directly manufacture metal packaging container, use it to make containers have greater strength and rigidity, and has the advantages of low cost, good processing performance. 3. Box: grand box looks like a relatively common packing, ordinary packing box and soft box have obvious difference in appearance, but in its design and processing technology are slightly inferior to the tinplate boutique gift box packaging plant production of gift boxes, so visually or able to distinguish their differences. 吗?
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