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by:Changda     2020-06-22
The excessive packing of the products was criticized by some people, once again by some people. Enterprise product sales largely depends on the outer packing of the product. Now, daily snacks such as cookies, candy, chocolate, also began to put on the tin box this gorgeous coat, to the lift & other; Price & throughout; 。 On the market selling cookies, candy, chocolate, snacks, make careful citizens is not hard to find, plastic, paper and iron boxes these three kinds of packaging product price difference. Different types of packaging product sales price is also different. Tin box packaging cartons, plastic packaging, in comparison with the same kind of commodity price has more than doubled. The holiday period, packaging exquisite candy, biscuit, chocolate, have more hot. Male consumers in pursuit of romantic, the prices of the goods, will not have too much consideration. Generally choose to buy those using tin box packaging, packaging exquisite gift to girlfriend, most women like the beautiful gifts. Cookies, candy, chocolate, on the market of tin box packaging goods price is high is a common phenomenon, exquisite packaging higher, feeling giving a person class tin box packaging compared with plastic, paper box is more luxury packaging. Combined with tin box packaging can be recycled many times, greatly reduces the environmental pollution and resource waste, were also more likely to get the favour of consumers.
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