Tin box custom can manufacturers: tin box packaging and carton packaging is comparative advantage?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Tin box packaging, changed people's life, followed the tin box under the custom can manufacturers together to learn about the tin box packaging than the carton packaging has the advantage of the following: 1, the environmental protection: carton raw material is from plants or trees in the pulp, bad effects on the ecological environmental protection, and tin tin box used as raw material, iron mineral resources are abundant, also can recycle secondary; 2, strong mechanical properties: tin box relative to the carton strength, good rigidity, not easy to burst damage, good circulation; 3, and exquisite decoration, strong ablility to printing ink: the appearance of the tin box printing is easy to meet customer demand, can print different color, beautiful design and LOGO, bright; 4, good barrier property: tin box has more than any other materials have excellent barrier property, shading sex, sex that carbamate resistance, moistureproof, sex is good, so can not only reliable sealing, can reliably protect the product. 5, modelling diversity: tin box according to the customer's request, made into square tin box, round tin box, heart-shaped tin box, and other special-shaped tin box, satisfy the need of different product packaging and let more humanized tin box packaging. Modem tinplate packaging tin box is widely used, with the passage of time packaging form is dazzling, the businessman in order to better promote their products, specifically for product customization tin box packaging. When custom tin box packaging generally pay attention to the factors are: 1. Packing should be beautiful and easy 2. Packaging convenience. 3. The choice of packaging materials. 4. Packaging cost factor can be professional manufacturer of iron boxes custom can meet your all requirements, create different products packing box for you.
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