Tin box factory: how to choose the tinplate material thickness?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
At ordinary times we are in a store or a supermarket we can see a lot of use tin box packed products, there are some tin box will be thick, some will be more thin, but we don't know how much is the thickness. Professional tin box processing factory to teach you how to choose the tinplate material thickness? There are many types of tinplate iron material thickness, the most commonly used is 0, respectively. 22mm,0. 23毫米,0。 25毫米,0。 28mm,0. 30 mm and 0. 35mm。 We usually see smaller tin can, such as tea tins, candy tin box, cigarette tins, stationery tin box, etc. , with 0. 22mm,0. 23 mm iron material is enough. And bulky as gift tin box, moon cake tin box, arm in arm cans, tin box of chocolate, you will need to use a scale of 0. 25 mm or 0. 28 mm thickness of tinplate. It is worth mentioning that stretch tank iron material thickness is not according to the tin size to decide, but according to the drawing depth to decide, the deeper stretching, the iron material needed for the more thick, the most commonly used is zero. 23毫米,0。 25毫米,0。 28 mm and 0. 30mm。 0. 35 mm tinplate material, use less, usually with the ice bucket, beer barrels, tray, billboards, etc. In fact in life, to make the thickness of tin tin box need is not only to choose according to budget the cost, also customized according to customer's requirements. Tin box processing plant in the production of different types of tin box, it selected the material thickness of the tin is different, you now know how to choose the tinplate material thickness? If it is not clear, can seek advice can factory, specializing in the production of iron boxes, tin, tin cans, tin box manufacturers, for cosmetics, daily necessities, health care products, food, tea pot, gifts series, and other products series with metal packaging customization services.
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