Tin box factory is how to make the candle tins, and its process requirements?

by:Changda     2020-06-21
Since the popularity of the electricity, using light instead of lighting, candles are now rarely needed, but does not represent the candle will become history, exit the market. Candle, by contrast, has converted to aromatherapy and adjustment of the atmosphere of a product, has become a high-end products, popular with consumers. Now that is a high-end products, packing conforms to the identity of the high-end, so cheap packing candle slam the door in the past, started using candle tins for new packaging. Tin case manufacturers how to make the candle tin can, its craft is there any requirement? Candle tin is different from ordinary three cans, easy to melt because the candle is heated, so have a special request for packing. The candle tin process requirement, there are two main: 1. Structure, candle tin is two pieces of tank structure more, through the stretch forming. When this is because the candle light or heat, will melt, and two slices of tank is seamless structure, even candles melt after, also from leaking. If because of its special size and structure, have to make three cans, so button at the bottom of the tank body and rib, need a glue sealing to ensure the tin can. 2. Ink, because the candle was lit, the temperature is higher, the tin surface of baking, so the candle tins in printing ink, need to use high temperature resistant special ink. The two is candle tins with necessary technical requirements, such as for tin box tin process is not very understand, tinplate cans factory will give you more detailed information of the tin box process. Tin box factory is specializing in the production of iron boxes tins for cosmetics, daily necessities, health care products, food, tea pot, gifts series, and other products series with metal packaging customization services.
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