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by:Changda     2020-06-22
Tin box, you said, is in the true sense of green environmental protection packing? It is reported, as much as possible in order to reduce the harm of packaging waste, reduce packaging waste pollution to the environment, our country as early as 10 years ago he proposed packaging material & other; Green packaging & throughout; The concept of. Green packaging in both to protect the environment at the same time, also need to have the ability to regenerate resources, with the two kinds of meaning of tin box packaging in many packaging products stand out from the crowd. 1, packaging reduction. Protection products for sale is the basic function of packaging has, under the condition of satisfy these functions should be to reduce as far as possible usage. Now offer my bags, supermarket shopping is no longer in need of the customer need to pay extra for, this is to a certain extent, reduce the use of packaging. 2, packing should be able to reuse and easy recycling. Reuse and recycling implementation of environmental protection green packaging at present stage is the easiest to implement step, is one of the most active packaging waste recycling solution. Currently using tin tin box of packaging can be reused many times. Polyester bottles, bottle, glass beer bottles and so on can't reuse requires as much as possible to wake decomposition or melt molding again after. 3, packing can be natural degradation of corruption, won't cause permanent waste pollution. White pollution, decades can degrade the packaging waste, chilling. Scientists around the world are studying now, hope you can produce the biodegradable plastics in order to solve cannot degradation brought about by the serious environmental pollution problems. Degradation principle is through the soil and the microbes in the water or through the role of ultraviolet ray in sunshine, make waste can automatically split in the natural environment degradation and reduction, finally return to nature in the form of non-toxic harmless, again into the ecological environment. 4, packaging materials have no toxicity to human and biological. Many packaging materials containing toxic elements, heavy metals, these harmful material, with food or other products for a long time contact with toxic packaging, packaging of poisonous harmful to infiltrate the food, the mass to eventually attracted to the body, easy to cause great harm to human body. Green packaging requirements packaging materials do not contain toxic and hazardous substances and elements, or containing quantity strictly controlled under the relevant standards. 5, use tinplate production of tin box tin packaging products from raw materials acquisition, raw materials processing, manufacturing, product use and waste recycling, from the beginning to the ultimate waste processing, the entire process to the human body and environment caused by pollution.
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