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by:Changda     2021-03-15
Are tinplate boxes easy to rust?

Tinplate packaging is very common in small shops, pharmacies, supermarkets or even small shops in the market, such as: tea tin cans, moon cake tin boxes, candy tin boxes, decoction pieces tin boxes, donkey-hide gelatin tin tin boxes, health products Tinplate box, cosmetic tin box packaging, milk powder cans, etc. More and more industries are using tinplate packaging, such as medicines, gifts, food, cosmetics, tea and other industries. So are tinplate boxes easy to rust? This is a problem that everyone is very concerned about. Today, the editor of Mai's tin box manufacturer will briefly share it with you.

Tinplate boxes are generally not easy to rust, but the inside of the tin box is damp or placed in a damp place. It is easy to rust, and it is only when the outer coating is damaged that rust will appear.

The material of the tinplate box is tin-plated thin steel plate. Due to the different metallic properties of iron and tin, the two metals are prone to oxidation reaction under natural conditions, causing the iron sheet to corrode and rust. And for the finished tin box packaging, there is basically no need to worry about this problem, because before the tin box is formed, the tinplate will be treated with rust. One is printing and varnishing, which not only beautifies the tin box, but also uses the printing used. The ink and the varnish on the surface have been double-layered to protect the iron material; the other is a plain iron box, and the varnish is directly applied without printing. Both of these methods effectively isolate the iron material from contact with moisture in the air, and slow down the oxidation rate of the iron material.

So, how can we protect tinplate boxes from the rusty 'destiny'?

First of all, we should not place the tin box in a humid environment, and at the same time, handle the tin box gently to avoid damaging the paint printing on the surface of the tin box.

Secondly, we can use furniture wax, shoe polish, and floor wax at home to wipe the iron box, repeating it at intervals.

After that, we can apply anti-rust paint or metal curing agent once on the surface of the iron box, which can effectively avoid direct contact between the tinplate and the air.

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