Tin box packaging environmental high-performance | tin box packaging customization

by:Changda     2020-06-21
A tin box using the built-in product packaging can make the ashtray, storage tank, ms brush pot, tissue boxes, cosmetics boxes, jewelry collection box and can even be art & hellip; … Tin box packing secondary USES to let more and more enterprises concerned. This kind of packaging in the completion of the mission of product packaging, can also carry on household decoration or the function of the collection, the space used by the secondary than plastic or paper boxes, which are considered to be product packaging in recent years, the secondary use of a test. Many domestic food companies are now introducing secondary use tin box packaging to the product packaging. “ Eat chocolate, tin box can also be used to store a few small things, both functional and convenient. ” Yesterday, met miss li in a supermarket, soon, a circular iron boxes of chocolate packaging to attract her attention, to see with miss li in my hand, put it in the shopping cart. Miss li said with a laugh, her usual hobby is collecting tin box packaging, and nowadays many brand of the tin box packing were used in candy, chocolate, etc, on the surface of the printing is also very clever. To this end, every few days she was going to go to the supermarket, see if have the new tin box packaging. According to understand, because the strengthening of secondary use emphasis on packing, tin box packaging is gradually penetrating the range of industries. Cosmetics packaging made of tin, after loading the cosmetics can be used as an ashtray; With square food made of tin tin box packaging, receive a case can be done after ACTS as the food to use; Prospects for energy conservation and environmental protection is more and more enterprises, industry insiders say the tin box used by the secondary packaging will be constantly on the rise in the future. However, according to the personage inside course of study, for now the secondary use of tin box packaging is still in the exploratory stage, secondary circulating use of this kind of packing can effectively develop, the key lies in the details of the packaging products, such as the application of the material, manufacturing process, design aesthetics, etc. In the context of the market situation, this kind of packaging creativity remains to be further improvement. Because the product packaging mission constraints, tin box packed in boxes, and other purposes during the development process of the outer packing to further improve the degree of visual appreciation become the main obstacle to its market development. This kind of packing enough bright eye, can let consumers to accept the second use, this is facing the difficult tin box packing for further development.
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