Tin box packing box factory: iron boxes what are the advantages of the pencil case materials and stationery?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
As time goes on, the style of the pencil case and quality become more and more, generally have wood, iron, plastic, cloth products, a variety of shapes and more for the rectangle shape. Tin box, packing box factory to share with you pencil case there are several kinds of material? 1. Wooden pencil case is very rare, it was carved with a variety of graphics, but small and medium-sized students tend not to use it, because it is color too drab, so the wooden pencil case increasingly scarce. 2. Iron pencil case above generally not too flashy pattern, relative to the wooden and plastic pencil case, iron is not easy to deformation, damage, it is very practical, very suitable for primary school students. 3. Plastic pencil case of color bright beautiful, rich patterns, but no pencil case of iron drop resistance, resistance to deformation. It is very popular with the primary and middle school students in the mass market, and even college students sometimes use. 4. There is a pencil case, use cloth do real name & quot; Pen bag & quot; , is the primary and middle school students in recent years, & quot; Pencil case to be bestowed favor on newly & quot; 。 It is easy to carry, also very practical, very suitable for our children. Stationery tin box has the following advantages: 1. Good mechanical performance, easy to transport is not easy to damage. 2. Printing performance is good, design elegant, bright and beautiful. 3. Shape diversification, can meet the demand of all kinds of custom iron boxes of various shapes. 4. Meet the requirements of environmental protection, recyclable. Tin box packaging manufacturer with the best service and reasonable price as Coca-Cola, hello Kitty, wal-mart, carrefour, jia, McDonald's, Disney, Lipton, unilever global top 500 companies such as suppliers of tin boxes. Quality assurance, welcome to call custom. Custom hotline:
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