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by:Changda     2020-06-21
In recent months, is by the influence of the financial and economic shock, but still tin box packaging market to carry out the momentum, the market prospects are very optimistic. Today tin box packaging market trend in both polarization, which established the size of the enterprise prospect is getting better and better, small business order less and less. In many industries tin box has begun to replace other packing material, such as edible oil industry. Tin box will replace plastic packaging cooking oil, cooking oil on the market today with a plastic bucket array, the city of salad oil of selling in the supermarket, jinlong oil, soybean oil, peanut oil and other kinds of edible oil harmonic can all use plastic costumes, as long as the most expensive like non-mainstream oil use olive oil glass bottle packing or metal tin box, and common used PET plastic, have certainly harm to human body. Why tin box has become more and more popular? Tin box will replace plastic packaging cooking oil is the main reason of the plastic packaging of edible oil, the secondary has the following damage: almost all of the plastic barrel oil, contain & other; Phthalic acid dibutyl ( 菲律宾) ” And & other Phthalate dioctyl ( 夹住) ” , this is two kind of plasticizer in plastic industry of phthalate esters plasticizer used often. The acute toxicity of plasticizer is very low, the human body after consumption without acute poisoning said simply, tin box strengths, more foreign plants research result indicate, plasticizer can cause plant survival rate drop, increase weight, liver and kidney function to reduce the increase in red blood cells, blood, with the gradual change and carcinogenicity. But edible oil plasticizers on the human body must have surely persecution, and persecution for men to bigger. So, it is suggested that everyone should try to take the glass, tin box, pottery and porcelain vessels containing oil. Custom make all kinds of tinplate cans, tin box, tin box manufacturers welcome consultation:
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