Tin box, tin can

by:Changda     2020-06-18
1. Packaging is a well-known field today. Everything from clothes to food is packed together. It is becoming increasingly clear that taking care of the packaging design and manufacturing process yields far greater results than shipping products in ugly and old-fashioned brown boxes. But not everyone knows how and why packaging is designed. That's why we're going to have some crash courses on the basics. Easy so that anyone can follow (even those with little or no design experience). Without further ado, let's begin: requirements The first step is perhaps the most important: compliance. Packing requirements may vary from product to product. Food packaging must pass certain health standards; Long distance transport requires stiffer, more stable packages; Different products may require different storage temperatures, conditions, treatment methods, etc. 2. But this is only the quasi-system of your concept. Once met, it is also important to clarify the customer's goals and needs within these requirements, and also to meet them. The packaging may need to be laid flat before assembly. Different shapes and forms may convey different attitudes and concepts that may or may not be appropriate for your customer's brand. Budget, quantity and manufacturing process must always be considered. It's important to write down all the concerns on both sides before moving on to the next step. This is: Research Take a look at your competitors: How do they solve this problem? What are they doing right (or wrong)? Larger companies may have larger budgets and wider distribution channels, but the packaging design is uglier. Newer products may be hard to find, but they are easy to love. Each of your competing products has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it's up to you to respond to them. Evaluate: Can you come up with a better, more sophisticated design? Can you think of a more creative solution? This is where packaging thrives: the cross path between demand and opportunity. Think outside the box, (pun intended). Unconventional! Be different! Think about your client: What surprises him? Walk an extra mile and try to surprise and surprise him. Ensure necessary functionality, but add unexpected effects. Set yourself apart from the competition as much as possible. After all, there is only one product that can fit into a consumer's shopping basket. This is usually to attract the attention of consumers.
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