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by:Changda     2020-06-22
The so-called iron boxes, literally is is to use iron to the box, which is made of tin box. Tin is tin on the surface of iron cross, used to play the role of protection. Common iron boxes on the market are: the moon cake tin box, tea tins, coffee tin box, biscuit tin box, health products iron boxes, cosmetics tin box, hand wan tin box, savings tin box, tin box sealing and milk powder tin box, wine iron boxes, iron boxes, Christmas gift tin box, candle tin box, metal ice bucket, music iron boxes, cigarette tin box, stationery tin box, CD tin box, etc. Tin box features a, opaque, known as the light in addition to produce qualitative reaction can lead to food, still can cause the variation of protein and amino acid. Food is the light effect of vitamin C were more likely to make its loss of nutrients. According to relevant study, transparent bottles of milk, vitamin C, the loss of up to 14 times than dark bottled milk, light milk causes oxidation and peculiar smell, make the nuclide, a sulfur amino acid such as cracking and lose nutritional value, not pervious to light the tinplate cans product of vitamin C the highest survival rate. Second, good sealing packaging container for air and other volatile gas block, for nutrition and sensory quality of preservation is very important. In comparison, it is various kinds of fruit juice packaging container can prove the container directly influences the oxygen permeability of juice Browning and the preservation of vitamin C; Oxygen permeability of low metal tin box, glass and aluminum foil adhesive laminated, cartons to the preservation of vitamin C is good, and the best packed in tins. Three, tin, the reduction of the inner wall of the tin tin can with a pack of residual oxygen reduction occurred within the container, so can reduce the oxidized food ingredients. Tin reduction, to light the flavour and colour and lustre of fruit, fruit juice has very good preservation effect, and so are not paint coating using iron iron boxes of fruit juice, nutrition preserved better than other materials packaging of fruit juice, brown change slightly, long storage period. Four, the help of human body due to the electrochemical action of the metal, not besmear in the canned canned food in the store will have a small amount of iron dissolution, in ferrous iron form exists in sealed canned food, it is easy to be absorbed by human body, thus cans packed food and beverage can yet be regarded as one of the sources of iron, more profound significance for tins of food to provide nutrition. Because with these attributes, the tin case provide a besides the heat, airtight system completely isolated from the environment factors, avoid color food deterioration due to light, oxygen, moisture, food storage stability is superior to other packaging material, vitamin C has the highest survival rate, nutrient preservation is the best. Tin box product is mainly suitable for: 01, food packaging: candy, chocolate, biscuit, moon cake, leisure food 02, health care products such as packaging: donkey-hide gelatin, throat sugar, American ginseng, tin caulis dendrobii, tea, etc. 03, bottle packing: whiskey, vodka, champagne, red wine, white wine packaging; 04, cigarette packaging industry: all kinds of cigarette, cigar box and tobacco packaging, etc. ; 05, toys, games packing: all kinds of toys packaging, playing CARDS, games, the collection card packaging; 06, cosmetics packaging, all kinds of skin care products, perfumes, essential oils, masks, cleaning products exquisite packaging; 07, stationery packing: pen boxes, pen holder, piggy bank, wordpad, DVD boxes, CD box, etc. ; 08, household packing: all kinds of store content box, furnace epicranium, wax candle cans, barrels, heat insulation pad, plates, saucers, etc. ; 09, fashion packing: packing all kinds of fashion accessories, jewelry, glasses box, etc. ;
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