Tin can packaging manufacturer: tin can packaging has several structural features?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Tin can packaging manufacturer: tin can packaging has several structural features? Tin packing in our daily life is extremely widespread way of packing, however, said the structure of it is on the blank faces a lot of people. Now let the tin packaging manufacturers to know about the tin can packaging in the form of a structure? 1. Clamshell packaging tin: the two hinges function of the tank body lies in the iron lid and body together, convenient for consumers to open and close the lid, do not need to worry the lid and body divided, modelling is simple, simple design, nice appearance, is that many businesses are normally used for packing accessories. 2. To make tin packing: is divided into two pieces of tank structure and three cans of structure. As the name implies, two pieces of tank is composed of two parts. Modelling is simple, good-looking appearance, often used in food packaging and electronic products, etc. 3. Portable tin packing: commonly used in the gift box packaging, its characteristic is good-looking appearance, easy to carry. But pay attention to the product size, weight, material and whether the structure of the handle, in order to avoid damage of consumers during use. 4. Window tin can packaging: generally divided into local window, can cover transparent and three modes such as surface more transparent. This form of tin used in toys, food and other products. The characteristics of this structure is that can make consumers be clear at a glance, for products to increase the credibility of goods, part of the general window with transparent material. 5. Special-shaped cans packaging: special-shaped cans compared with the ordinary iron pot more innovative style, the price will be more expensive, mainly because of special-shaped cans on the production process is more exquisite than ordinary tin, harder to stamping, so the cost will be higher. Guangdong province is a professional tin can packaging manufacturers, has tins design and manufacturing experience, to provide services for many famous brands in the world, and will ensure that the quality meet your requirements.
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