Tin cans manufacturer so much, it is very important to learn to discern the stand or fall of quality of tin! ! !

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Cans in our life we often meet, such as tea cans, food cans, tin jugs and health food cans, etc. , tinplate cans factory is also very much, learn to discern the stand or fall of quality of tin can help us to choose a good tin can manufacturer. We usually buy things will often focus on the inside of the tin can, sometimes may not be too care about the quality of the tin itself, but good quality tin can better guarantee the quality of the food. Tin manufacturer, to share with you how to discern the stand or fall of the quality of the tin? First, see if cans, paint off the outer surface of the tin is using ink printing, color printing is divided into four color printing and printing. Good quality tin is to use the good printing ink to printing, therefore not easy off paint during the transit. Second, tin is corrosion resistant. Good quality tin as raw materials is the use of high-quality tinplate, tinplate is a layer of tin plating on the surface of the iron, so in three to five years, tin exposed to the air will not rust. And inferior cans due to reasons such as corners, tin quantity is little, easy to rust in the air. Third, tin sealing are in good condition, some cans in the process of production, due to the process operation errors or other problems, lead to tin sealing is lax. This tin if used for packing food, is affecting the shelf life of food. Fourth, whether tin after quality inspection, inspector qc tin passes before from warehouse outbound, on the one hand is to check whether there is damage to the tin can, on the other hand is to check whether meet the national safety standards, especially in food, health food cans. Tin cans manufacturer with the best service and reasonable price as Coca-Cola, hello Kitty, wal-mart, carrefour, jia, McDonald's, Disney, Lipton, unilever global top 500 companies such as suppliers of tin boxes. Quality assurance, welcome to call custom. Custom hotline:
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