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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin cans of life: cans of milk powder safety? Because of the diversification of packaging industry now, more and more material can be used for packaging, this caused the consumer concerns, especially mothers are starting to think about, when to buy milk powder in the face of so many packaging, choose paper pack milk powder or cans of milk powder? Exactly which is more safer milk powder cans? Babies netizen said: & other; Just the same really, key to see is the quality of the seasoning. ” The net friend sun star gentleman said: & other; Tin can packaging expensive, buy plastic, things don't have to waste your money on the packaging. ” The fact is it true? Tinplate cans can longer shelf life cardboard boxes of milk powder after open to clamp the sealing room temperature preservation, so also easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, and mothers like to pour the milk into the bottle, transparent glass damaged components of the vitamins in milk powder. Cans of milk powder cover again after use, storage, very convenient, put a few sugar cube into more can absorb the moisture content in the jar, for storage. Tin cans of milk powder, easy to carry. Believes that many mothers all like to take their children to go shopping, but the bags would be a little trouble, especially to buy back the carton of milk powder, don't know how to carry, easy to pour out, but cans of milk powder is different. Casually which corner in your bag is very convenient. Tin case more environmental protection. Tin can packaging more and more now save, the sustainable development of the standard. How much a carton packing to consume big tree, although can be recycled, but constantly reduce green space. Tin after loading the milk powder can be secondary use, that can hold their home of all sorts of sundry, or cookies, beans and so on, also can DIY all sorts of small creative, very practical. If the foreign food safety knowledge to understand a little words will know the international standard is not only have requirements about the quality of the food itself, and for food access to everything, whether conditions of transportation, packaging, and so on have detection, in the United States, basically have the proof of the FDA, otherwise will be punished. So I treasure the mother should also change concept, is not to say that the milk powder is good, the packing is also equally important.
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