Tin cans of production process

by:Changda     2020-06-20
Horses mouth can mainly divided into three cans and two pieces of cans. According to various body machining method three cans can be divided into the following kinds: soldering tin, has been basically eliminated binder jar: new technology volume pot: used in the manufacture of sealing less demanding general cans, cans and body seam hook close to each other. Welding tank: now commonly used. The next main speak three tank volume: (pick up cans manufacturing process In circular tank, for example) 1, blanking: use a shearing machine to cut the tin plate to size requirements on drawing plate of the tank cover or tank, tank bottom blank volume tank manufacturing process: 2, cutting Angle and cutting: at one end of the rectangular billet cutting to go up and down the two horns, and on the other side of the cut out two gaps in the corresponding place, so that can make the both ends up and down of body joints have overlapping of two layers of sheet, so that the flanging and closing. Cutting Angle can be cut into rectangular shape, pyramid, obtuse; Cut short can be cut into V or U shape. 3, edge, edge to edge machine cooperation within the tank body blank mouth like rolled into a small circular arc, a sharp edge cuts to prevent the body's mouth. 4, end folding, fold in the production of tinplate cans end is to make body round to hook together each other, so as to use the folding machine will respectively on both ends to the side and front frilled edge. 5, into a circle: in three roller machine, let the top roller and the two rollers rotate in opposite directions. Iron from passing through the middle, in the role of the pressure and friction volume into cylindrical. 6, depressing: the end folding hook close after each other on both sides of the body by depressing machine pressing it, form a strong sharp edge joints. 7, flanging, flanging method has a spinning flanging, curved type folding flanging, impact type flanging, its purpose is for the can sealing, guarantee the quality of reel. 8, back cover: in the can sealing machine, let the body and the tank bottom by double edge sealing. 9, rolling convex rib: rolled out of the stiffener in the tank
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