Tin cans of tea packaging in a variety of forms, how to correctly choose appropriate packaging?

by:Changda     2020-06-21
We buy tea packaging, not only see material pledge with function, more is to look at the packing decoration degrees whether appropriate, this is the key of the whole tea value, also is a kind of face. Commonly used tea packaging method basically has the following kinds: 1. Tin cans of tea packaging: broken, moisture, sealed performance is very excellent, beautiful, noble, and is ideal tea packaging, design exquisite metal cans is suitable for high-grade tea packaging. 2. Cartons of tea packaging: cartons are with white paper, gray board paper after printing, molding, such as to prevent the carton packaging the easily damaged, shading performance is excellent. In order to solve the carton packaging tea aroma volatile and smell from outside influence, then in cartons with polyethylene plastic bag tea, the shortcomings of the carton packaging is the product easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp. 3. Composite film bag tea packaging: plastic composite membrane has good qualitative light, not easy to damage, heat sealing, appropriate price and many other advantages, is widely used in the packing. Composite membrane has good resistance, moisture resistance, incense, anti odor, etc. 4. Packaging: plastic tea has a generous, beautiful, packaging display effect is good, but the sealing performance is poorer, more packaging using in the tea packing, multi-purpose within its packaging composite film packaging bags. Tea packaging refers to according to customer requirements for packaging of tea, so as to promote the tea wares. A very good tea packing design can make the tea price several times, tea packaging is important link in China's tea industry & middot; Tea packaging mainly include stainless steel tea pot, tinplate cans of tea packaging tea cans, paper, ceramic tea pot, glass tea pot, such as tin cans of tea packaging because of its style variety, beautifully printed, not easy to damage, freight is convenient, for the masses.
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