Tin case information: 2015 moon cake tin box packaging design innovation methods | metal products

by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tin case information: 2015 moon cake tin box packaging design innovation methods as the Mid-Autumn festival reunion, waiting for the Mid-Autumn full moon love, miss blessing, harmonious friendship gifts for family and friends. The packaging form varied, its packaging style also do STH unconventional or unorthodox, loved by consumers. How to stand out in numerous styles? Is the problem that designers have been discussed. The author introduces some moon cake tin box packaging design innovation methods, we discuss. A, allegoricity, and narrativity of design. Moon cake is not so much a kind of traditional food, as a kind of culture, communication is a kind of feelings, kindness of friendship. Moon cake tin box design, therefore, more embodies a kind of culture, such as the moon cake tin box designed to direct expression love heart, or make the moon cake tin box into a thick innovative book, can enclose some materials about the mooncake culture, mooncakes culture infiltration Yu Zhongqiu and enjoy the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn festival gift. “ Elixir of love & throughout; , spend mooncake boxes designed to shape or only should also work well. Second, the transplant design method. Moon cakes packaging material is varied, such as paper, wood, plastic, etc. , the characteristics of various materials has within itself. As a high-end gift tin box packaging, absorption, director of the advantages, combined with tin printing and processing characteristics was improved, is practical and feasible. The carton design before transplant, the use of iron match the color with elegant design, unique shape, give a person a kind of elegant feeling. Three, multi-function design method. Ordinary moon cake tin box were abandoned after the moon cake is used, and fully guarantee the moon cakes packaging performance at the same time, design more kinetic energy box, exquisite design provides consumers with more in the future to continue to use, may be more able to attract the attention of consumers. Tin box similar in shape, for example, a candy box, moon cake tin box, etc. , and like a hand push children after use can be used as a pencil case, or is used to hold tea or other food, in line with the housewives purchasing psychology. Fourth, contour design method. Mainly used for independent of individual moon cakes packaging, choose some symbolic significance as a model, the shape of combining tin printing and processing characteristics of shape design. The moon cake tin box packing in addition to the above points of innovation, can also be implanted in the Chinese culture elements, combined with Chinese traditional culture is a development trend of packaging design.
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