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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin case information: buyers need what to data provide iron boxes offer as the tin season approaching, a growing number of buyers looking for metal, but after meet a lot of quotations, business found that many of the buyers have no concept of tin can you need, don't know what to provide information to the salesman, today small make up just under the simple summary for everyone: the price of iron boxes mainly relates to several aspects of information, purchasing is simply a description of the product requirements tell our customer service; Such as the following: 1, product specifications, such as 11 * 7 * 1. 5 cm, if you have also sent to customer service, please have a look at the picture. Printing requirements: such as four-color printing appearance, inside the original color of iron, at the bottom of the original color of iron. ( The original iron color printing is not, according to the iron original color) 2, quantity: 50000 (such as Whether the printing uniform design, five or 50000 seal design) 3, tin box factory packing: as a single tin box packed in plastic bags, and then a certain number of cartons. ( If no packing, this also can be omitted, general customer can according to this way of packing by default) 4, the price is including: whether to tax inclusive of delivery charges, inclusive of delivery charges, of if you need, please tell customer your shipping address. With these points above, our customer service will send detailed price to you with the quickest speed.
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