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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin case information: how to prevent the tea tins rust? Tea tins rusty? Many buyers believe that all such problems, very not easy to purchase tea tins, back in the warehouse are rusted, boss complained, own pressure came, so how do we face this kind of phenomenon? How do make the procurement back cans not rust? Metal products co. , LTD is introduced several methods allows you to easily cope with tea tins of rust. 1, using qualified iron material. Buyers must be very careful when purchasing tinplate, not all prices low tea tins is good, we want to distinguish from the vast manufacturer which tea tins is standard iron material, is the level of iron or inferior iron. Iron material, the better, will be less risk of rust. 2 and stored properly. Tea tins purchase returned not all problems are solved, we buy a dress back all need maintenance, and is a group of tea tins. Especially in the south, the return of the weather is extremely serious, the air is humid, this kind of circumstance should notice, the procurement of tea tins come back should be kept in dry environment, warehouse inside air conditioning to wet, had better put desiccant or lime or absorb moisture in the air. Tea tins in general in order to prevent rust, color changing, so are coated with a layer of tin, if tin once destroyed, will be in contact with air is easy to rust. Tea tins is one of the metal, beautiful, cheap and easy to store, carry, transport, the most important thing is that can protect the tea from uv rays, metal can co. , LTD is specialized in the production of various kinds of tea tins, slow the urgent of the client, do the customer needs.
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