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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin case information: the Yangtze river after the sinking of self-help in the summer of 2015 was destined to is a remarkable season. Heavy rain has continued for nearly a month of time seems to be what gave notice. 9 p. m. June day 28 minutes, the water of hubei jianli waters a ship called & other; East star & throughout; Ship carrying 458 people sank a storm in the Yangtze river, has been in the past three days, casualties is still not optimistic. Experts on-site analysis thought in the morning on June 2: comprehensive meteorological monitoring, weather radar monitoring data and the analysis of the scene view, the period of local tornadoes, wind 12 above, the dragon roll body is located in the river level less than 1 km, duration of about 15 - dragon For 20 minutes. Is a local, small scale, sudden strong convective weather. After the accident the government to take immediate measures to rescue them, praised by the masses of the people, the event also attracted foreign media interview. Wreck families said: father alive to me, but I will send him on the ship. The missing family members of the crew raced to the scene of the accident, looking forward to the miracle happen. Many families have already completed the registration information, passenger list also began to spread in the network, microblogging, WeChat friends also started without a plan, everyone come to help families. “ Ship turns too fast, less than 60 seconds & throughout; From tianjin old man lucky enough to survive, but still dying, hide to cry. The solidarity of the Chinese people also reflected at this point, people have a helping hand, although a lot of people can't to the scene to help, but everyone's comfort, encouragement, also became the families of motivation. Metal products co. , LTD. Is a great big wish again, looking forward to the miracle happen. If the next encounter such a thing? Many netizens worry: & other; Landlubber still dare like us by boat? ” It gives us a wake-up call, in tourism, the sinking occurred in a single? Metal products co. , LTD. Remind you when we meet danger on the water, before we are waiting for the rescue of others also should learn basic self-help above water escape method, try to increase the survival chances. , ships fire 1, trapped by the fire evacuation passengers should quickly to the main deck open deck 2, leave when you need to use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose bent down to run away from the fire area 3, as far as possible with the help of life-saving equipment into the water and shore the freighter, the whole process must be calm and listen to the command. 2, 1, nearby the collision both vessels managed to quickly pull fixture, prevent fall leave 2, collision, avoid extrusion three injured, 1, listening to the ship wreck alarm and broadcast, timely informed the ship sailing condition 2, 3 quickly put on life jackets, left inside the cabin and the ship, as soon as possible to the nearest emergency staging areas where's a crew or organization persuation passengers went to where 4, as soon as possible find a boat or flotsam, emergency ready to jump ship tips: time allowed to wear more clothes, the best waterproof, in turn onto lifeboats calm follow instructions and wait for help. The cold weather should be curled up the body or you embrace together for warmth. International unified wreck alarm signal is a minute continuous seven short horns, a long sound. The accident is the most important thing for a rainy day, tinplate cans remind everybody some boating safety information must keep in mind. 1, 2, don't bring dangerous goods into the boat ship after carefully read the emergency evacuation plan, know the location of life jackets, familiar with wear method, pay attention to security exit 3, don't lack of rescue measures or without relevant certificates of ship 4, don't play in the ship 5 passenger ship sailing, up and down the ship must be ships anchored, such as staff ramp up, ordered the boat
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