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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin case information: tea storage method of tea tins with the continuous development of society, people more and more concerned about their health, food is not to eat, people are more focused on its health care function, from health to health protection food has become inevitable. Tea as a walk in the forefront of health care products, in a certain period to ensure that its quality is not affected by or maximum reduce, effectively prolong the tea freshness, let consumer can buy color, aroma, taste and shape are well-preserved tea products. Tea store is on the basis of the basic tea packaging, to ensure that the tea keep original quality of a process. Direct sunlight, will destroy the vitamin C in tea, and tea color, flavor changes, so the tea must be stored in an opaque container. 2, the presence of moisture, it is necessary for many organic matter decomposition reaction, but also the necessary condition of bacterial activity, therefore, if the tea water is too large, the tea not only loss of nutrition, easily and easily gone mouldy. Therefore, the tea must be dry. 3, tea and direct contact with air, easy oxidation by oxygen in the air. Losing the original flavor, therefore, the tea container to seal. 4, temperature rise, can quicken the speed of chemical reaction, also prompted the decomposition of active ingredients of tea leaves, the lower the nutritional value of tea. Therefore, the tea to be kept at low temperature. Now to preserve tea: tin can save method, porcelain altar preservation method and bag hidden method. After long-term use, found the three vessels tin can packaging and guangdong ceramic save tea is more appropriate, but considering the factors such as price and production process, because of tin beautifully printed, convenient to carry, novel style, more suitable for as gifts to express the affection between friends and relatives, favored by the market. All in all, only keep the tin tea dry, keep sealing, opaque, have relatively low temperature, shade environment can guarantee the quality of the tea for a long time, to avoid the tea and moisture, temperature and humidity, light, oxygen and other factors of adverse biochemical reaction and microbial activity and metamorphism. Tea tins manufacturers because of its material for iron easy to recycle, easy to packing and shipping, and internal quality goods tea has good protection favoured by manufacturer for tea packaging tin please contact metal products factory.
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