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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin case information: love of the world tea & ndash; — Has always been tea tea tins China power, work or leisure time for a cup of tea, quietly taste, off a day of fatigue, breeds of Chinese ancient culture of tea at the bottom of the precipitation. Recently more and more people are in the consulting company's official website tea tins, today simply explain tea tins knowledge: tea tins generally divided into two piece cans, cans and so on, two pieces of pot with three is the most common, because they can form a variety of shapes, such as: square tea tins, tea tins, tea tins circle and so on. Manufacturers when doing the tea tins are generally according to the requirements of customers to customize the structure, size, printing, the capacity of many customers will need according to oneself to choose tea tins, such as: 50 g, 100 g, 500 g, and so on. At present, the company has two tea tins everyone likes. One is miss zhao in the tea, the tea tins sleek body, very small, the cover like a pagoda, a cute and distinctive modelling, customers can order according to the size of the existing, printed on your company's brand and information. Is a Lipton tea tins, this kind of tea tins in the company has several specifications, use level of tinplate custom, color printing, of course, customers can choose according to their own requirements to the color printing or four-color printing, just the color of the printed colors will be more vivid, more attractive to the customer's attention. Customers can also carved on it your company's design and so on. Tea tins is more and more popular and believe this love tea tea to understand the people more and more about the cause of! If you need the tea tin can come & other; Metal & throughout; , to undertake various types of tea tins customized!
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