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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tin case information: tea tins quotation about what factors in general, tea tins quotation need to have a customized for you of the specifications of the product quantity, printing conditions, and other special requirements, iron boxes offer contains projects include: mould cost, size, shape, the sample charge, the product is monovalent, tea tins, packing details, delivery time, Including mold, samples, big goods) 。 Tea tins is called color printing color printing, if the color of the printing tin box number is not very big, the price of the print would be expensive, so, with the number of tea tins printed to determine its price, same, same of four color metals printing. Offer tea tins and relievo relationship: relief process can show the tea tins fashion and noble quality of the product. Tea tins anaglyph technology for image is a special kind of expressive and fascination. Tin box design bas-relief effect on low, body compression is larger, the plane sense is stronger, more close to the painting form. So, tea tins can produce all kinds of three-dimensional sculpture, plane engraving effect, meet your personal effects. Due to the three-dimensional carving process than plane engraving process more complicated, therefore, tea tins three-dimensional sculpture price than iron boxes flat engraving your quotation. Tea tins/tin box quotation price associated with gold printing, double-sided printing design: through gold printing we usually call it is a color printing, metal products co. , LTD adopts the most advanced printing equipment and the technology of metal cans, all kinds of gift tin box, tea tins, tea food tin box, cosmetics tin box can be done through the gold printing effect, and double-sided printing design in tea tins container cover is what also can't see, and the price of the double-sided printing on one side printing price no advantage, tin box internal printing we usually use foods transparent oil, gold, oil and, therefore, metal products factory is not recommended to do double-sided printing. Tea tins quotation also is associated with tin box bottom white porcelain printing and ink different effects: usually in tea tins printed tinplate printing a layer of white porcelain or ink layer, the effects of different lies in a white porcelain printed color bright is dazzing, pattern is more prominent. And the ink printed in tin box through the obvious with lron, depends on each hobby and the necessity of tea tins to choose.
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