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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin case information: tea tins rust removing rust? Online purchasing miss ling online consultation: everywhere & other; Company to purchase a batch of tea tins, but due to his negligence, did not save the tin can, make tea tins rusted, with exposure to moisture, how should do? Is there any way can make the rust off? ” Metal today teach you a few tips, allowing you to easily cope with tea tins of rust. Tins of more and more application in packaging industry, especially in food cans, people will be hard to its appearance often feel confused about what to do, how to open the buckle cover tin box generally no tool to open, you just need to buckle to open by hand, if the rusty tea tins open more arduous, also can use a variety of tools to move to open, but this method cannot help tea tins derusting, means that the service life of the pot is reduced. As a result, the rust removal using chemical method is a kind of ideal method: 1, soaking with tea tea tins rusty parts can be solved. The reason is very simple & ndash; Tea, such as chemical composition contains theanine organic acid can react and rust, achieve the purpose of rust removal. 2, with vinegar bubble tea tins rusty position after a while, daub on the oil, a day after will be good. 3, with the water that clean out rice for 50 minutes and then wipe with dry cloth can derusting.
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