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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin case information: tinplate cans & ndash; — Cosmetics industry to be bestowed favor on newly in people's impression, cosmetics are generally made of glass or plastic or paper packaging, in recent years, high grade, atmospheric low-key luxury has the connotation of tinplate cans into the cosmetics industry rapidly, tin can packaging cosmetics, this new way quickly accepted by people. Tin can protect skin to taste of several big advantage if you know that? 1, the appearance of the tin case cosmetics is to restore ancient ways, the patterns of the printed colors attract the attention of consumers. 2, tin cans, cosmetics store effect is great, especially the paste class to protect skin to taste. 3, tinplate cans can be tiny, carry convenient girls. 4, tin cans, cosmetics packaging hardness is very high, but the cost is low, not only for consumers to take on the hand is the ground class, and let the manufacturer to save the cost. Now a lot of hand cream are made of tin, such as crabtree living spring spa hand cream, Vichy and avene spray, have used the tin can packaging. Essential for beautiful to love women, home is the mask, believe that they know the mask packed in tins is very practical, run out of film of face of the rest of the tin can also keep your DIY crafts, or just some girls with gadgets.
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