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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin case information: tin case really is profiteering industry? When the tin is more and more used in the packaging industry, saw the shadow of the tin everywhere on the market, such as: the moon cake tin box, cosmetics tin box, tea tins, candy, biscuit tin, etc. At present, the domestic demand of tinplate cans is hundred million every year in the calculation. Buyers at the time of custom tinplate cans to know the price of tin cans, such as the price of a tin can form is: the iron material, printing and processing artificial + + packaging + profit, iron material has the distinction of imported and domestic, there is also a primary iron with secondary iron, iron level 3 difference, the difference between the printing ink is imported and domestic, and four color printing and color printing, four-color printing the price will be cheaper, but not the color of the print effect is good. Packaging and artificial difference won't be much larger, profits, a tin quantity many words can $2 or 3 yuan, you can just imagine how much the profit is low, is also a tin can, if the quality is same, basically, the price also won't be much worse, like metal products company is essentially the first single lose money in doing, in order to meet the next single, so everybody if there is one tin customization can seek advice.
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