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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tin case information: tinplate cans environmental protection? Based on the global environment worsening, the problem of environmental pollution is more and more serious, the environmental protection is a global wave of enterprises should be as advance, carry on the standard of environmental protection, walk on the avenue of environmental responsibility, the enterprise to make give priority to, with low pollution, environmental protection, recycling reusable ( Tin) Comply with the demands of environmental protection packaging materials. The existing container packaging tin, aluminum cans, paper and plastic container, the container recycling characteristics vary, but on the recycling in a tin can for optimal than other packing material container. Tinplate cans with low pollution, recycled, save resources characteristics of tinplate cans, packaging purposes in the future, there will be more broad development space, low pollution: 1 tin container main raw material for tin, in fact belong to the environment, no harm of biodegradable, because in the presence of tin environment, but natural oxidation and return to original state of iron oxide, return to nature, so the waste tin is piled up by the decomposition of the time, will not cause residual environmental pollution, colleagues to make tins don't have to cut down trees, not damage the ecological balance. 2, recycling, tin itself is a feature of other packing material does not have - - - - - - - Can be magnet adsorption, so to use magnetic separator separated by magnetic force will be tin by waste, using this feature can be easily achieve the effect of 80% of recycling garbage cans, and the invention of the environmental protection cover, but not the use of tin more safety, hygiene, and limited less garbage, have direct and obvious benefit to recovery operation. 3, save resources in other contamination on the removal of tin, the current has developed cutter equipment, can effectively remove more than 98% of the pollutants, provide varieties of good iron, the United States also pointed out that the presence of aluminium easy pull cover for scrap system again, because it can reduce the steelmaking Hot Meta dosage, reduce the overall steel manufacturing cost. Here to save energy, according to the report, the use of tinplate scrap steel production relative to the iron ore production, the use amount of per ton iron to save about 230 cubic meters of natural gas, so the recycling of tin process can reduce the impact on the global environment and energy, composite product trend in the future.
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