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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin case information: tinplate cans of Internet to reform the traditional manufacturing industry in today's Internet is more and more developed today already facing severe challenges. Tin industry also is such! Maintains a set of methods of before, whether mode of production or sales methods are a little difficult. In such a rapid development today, the tin industry traditional industries that we have what reason not to go out, know the whole world? Now menacing after 90, their thoughts and ideas are different, the Internet has become a communication, a place of entertainment, whether it be in the subway, bus, and everyone is holding a mobile phone on the road constantly in brush, brush space, watching video. Smart phone development history are only a few years, but let a person become a habit, it is a huge potential business opportunities. We want to be the tin industry of nokia or apple? The key lies in the reform! From sales ways, tinplate cans industry sales are a family run, before looking for food everywhere, everywhere go to the wall, before others source channel is single, many friends introduce supplier or accept those who used to promote, but on this day in 2015, the number of Internet users in China has reached 6. 4. 8 billion, the Internet economy than the United States, in the face of this situation, we still have what reason to maintain the previous sales way? Now in baidu search, a lot of information is gathered in a small window, you can find yourself in need of a variety of information, communication, tencent, the backing WeChat, easily, truly never leave home to understand the world. Start we might just in terms of network entertainment, but now has a lot of industry propaganda on its image, & other; Metal & throughout; Have been digging into this opportunity, on the Internet to promote their company, products, and now search the tin or tin cans, can easily find the company. In the face of the development of the Internet, tin industry, we still have what reason not to transform?
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