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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tin case information: uniqlo marketing VS candy cans packaging recently, a called & other; Sanlitun uniqlo video & throughout; On July 14, the indecent video evening spread on the Internet, video of a couple in the dressing room. Some netizens questioned whether the video for uniqlo marketing hype, uniqlo officially released the morning of July 15, weibo denies. The Beijing municipal public security bureau official weibo said chaoyang police department attaches great importance to is now investigating. Beijing sanlitun uniqlo stores staff told surging news, uniqlo is emergency handling network indecent video event, there is no specific conclusions. Actually whether uniqlo fire they order or made by others, but uniqlo really fire a pair of, let a person have to exclamation marketing is everywhere. Clothes with marketing, so also is a kind of marketing candy cans? The answer is yes, don't dismiss tin can packaging, there are big knowledge. Candy cans packaging mainly divides into: storage packaging. Mainly the large volume of packed in tins packaging, packaging material or for export, product packaging or used for secondary processing, to transportation turnover. Promotional packaging. As the name implies, is put on supermarket shelves, commodity packaging for consumer choose and buy. And this kind of packaging in order to attract the attention of consumers, often have a pretty & other Face & throughout; Through the packaging style or colour, let people can distinguish with other commodities, and appeal to consumers is the premise of the beautiful feeling. Decorative packaging. Now a lot of candy cans packaging will fall into this category. In addition to have good packaging appearance, more important is to have the characteristics of decoration. Like as a gift given candy packaging need showing the nature of precious and harmonious; And as a souvenir has special significance to the packaging will need to show the different from the appearance, color; Listed on the various holidays such as commodities, the packaging should not only with the atmosphere of festival season, echo, more need to be able to show the tendency to gift packaging. In a word, no matter what the occasion, both in marketing and packaging should be with other packaging style, have their own characteristics, to be successful.
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