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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tin case knowledge: tin two piece of tank is made of how to manufacture tin cans of two forming methods adopt metal plate displayed. This method is under complex stress, rearrange and through crystal structure shows metal & other; Liquidity & throughout; As the foundation, and in the process of this material should not break. 1, stamping forming. It is using a punch press will be a flat rushed into the cylindrical die, so that the deformation of plate cylinder. After the initial stamping forming the diameter of the cup, can be applied to stamping process to narrow. Stamping process again with a pressing sleeve instead of punching die, the installation between the punch and a cup of inner diameter. Area, such as rules determine the diameter reduced with the increase of the height, stamping process can repeat again, shrinking diameter within certain limits, and avoid metal fracture. 2, glass thinning drawing. Cylindrical cup bedding bag after stamping on the punch, punch along the axial squeeze into a mold, the mold and the clearance between the punch is less than the thickness of the glass, it keeps the same diameter, wall thickness is thinned. Thinning of the metal cylinder after volume is equal to the mechanicalproperties medium volume of metal, metal volume is equal to the original slab. In the manufacture of cans, you may have to repeat this process twice or three times, with a cup of punch through a series of mold, a stroke by a mold. Install the stamping Lin to the punch to the most convenient method, is before the first thinning drawing, a stamping operation again. 3 and cupping. Salt cupping of the manufacturing process is as follows: an ordinary strip coil; Xu lubricant; Blanking and a cup; Stamping again; Glass wall thinning drawing; At the bottom of the forming; Simplified according to the correct height trimming; Cleaning and processing. For dry cans, but also for surface coating, printing within the play, surface coating, exposure to the flange forming and convergent. For food cans, during the process of cleaning the surface coating, open end flange forming, corrugated cylinder pressure and inner surface coated cover or can end is in mold presses made of coated sheet in advance, can cover pressure corrugated ( Reinforcement) To take the internal and external pressure. Here the last procedure is edge to form double lock seam. Placed on the sealing packing, to serve as a sealing gasket.
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