Tin case manufacturers tell you common tinplate cans, cans and cans of milk powder

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Ordinary tinplate cans, cans and milk powder cans look from the exterior, there is no much different, are all tins. But common tinplate cans, cans and milk powder cans have what difference? Is their sealing and production environment are different. Tin case manufacturers of small make up the difference between them to share with you. 1, tinplate cans of milk powder cans and cans sealing, the sealing requirement is very strict, usually in the form of structure of cans, cans, through the sealing process cohesion, good sealing. And tin case, also is what we call miscellaneous cans, cans, by way of stamping buckle bone, so the sealing is poorer, beverage liquid will leak after loading, powder directly after loading, feel time is long will damp metamorphism. 2, tinplate cans production drinks and powder can not be directly into the tin can, because the production of tinplate cans environment is bad, although good pot will wipe, but far less than direct contact with food safety requirements, unless there is inside the bag, or need to have disinfection equipment and clean workshop. Because of the difference of these two aspects, lead us to the selection of tinplate cans will be more careful. When selecting a tin case, it is better to let professional tinplate cans manufacturers give you better advice. Metal products co. , LTD. Is a manufacturer specializing in the production of tinplate cans, tin box, cosmetics, daily necessities, health care products, food, tea pot, gifts series, and other products series, metal packaging customization service, huizhou owns two production bases, the monthly output of 500 w, have perfect production operations at the same time, sales team and r&d team, to provide one-stop customized service.
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