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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tin dynamic: the responsibility of the packaging industry & ndash; — Anti-counterfeiting white rabbit creamy candy, is part of the memory of childhood, many people its unique packaging, white with blue flowers, and in the middle of the rabbit pattern is almost a household name. Recently, some netizens on weibo posted a picture of a ice cream, named & other; Classic white rabbit Popsicle & throughout; , the outer packing looks almost as well as the white rabbit creamy candy. This picture touched netizen nostalgia & other; Feelings & throughout; , many people forward and delighted to say: big white rabbit went out the ice cream? Also have envy of Shanghai netizen & ndash; — White rabbit creamy candy is in Shanghai, why & other; White rabbit ice cream & throughout; Shanghai not sell? However, white rabbit creamy candy maker Shanghai crown garden responded: white rabbit is the national famous trademark, only candy, hard candy and peanut nougat three categories, never produce cold drinks. This response is also unveiled why white rabbit & other; Home & throughout; But you can't buy the cause of the white rabbit ice cream. So, these fake & other White rabbit ice cream & throughout; What is come from? Reporter finally found the answer: in & other; White rabbit ice cream & throughout; Wrapping paper, according to the information on the manufacturer is anshan city in liaoning province taian county yellow tuo town, four seasons soda fountain, as of the time, the line and failed to get through. Crown raw garden DaJiaBan staff: we don't have authorized him to use white rabbit's trademark. The rampant fakes it many times packaging industry in China have responsibility, some bad packaging business interests in order to accept some legal person's request, in the absence of authorization to produce some of the well-known trademark, metal products co. , LTD. Of the salesman said he also received such inquiry, such as some merchants without authorization, hope company help to customize a number of well-known trademark packaging, these are ruthlessly refused. As a manufacturer of tin can for many years, the company showed a high degree of professionalism, in the face of some outlaw's request, again big profits can not accept, otherwise it is a biggest accomplice of fake goods market, once the law shall be investigated for, must escape sanctions. Company called for here: the market a piece of the sky is real, it is each of the packaging industry will unshirkable responsibility.
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