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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Many clients at the time of asking price on printing area will be the salesman asked a four-color printing or the color printing, some customers just don't understand what is four-color printing what is the color printing, actually what is in the tin printing four-color printing color printing is what? In the tin printing four-color printing process generally refers to using yellow, magenta, blue three primary colors of black ink and ink to copy the original color printing process. Tin printing color printing technical secondary school refers to the yellow, magenta, blue and black ink outside of the four color printing ink to copy the original color. A common example is if the customer need to print a purple tin can, if a four-color printing process, the purple is using the original color of four kinds of most basic made of purple, if is the color printing is directly to printing with purple oil mill. When a lot of clients a four-color plus color printing printing way to tin can. This is to ensure that color brilliance and let tin more beautiful. If some product images of both the picture color levels, and has a large area of color, the color level image part can use four color printing, color and large area can use the color printing. The advantage is: four-color printing part by controlling the field density can make the picture properly restored, the base part through proper increase of ink ink uniform thick visual effect can be obtained. This method in the high-end packaging products and stamp printing production often used, but because of chromatic number increase, also makes the printing plate cost. Metal products professional custom all kinds of tin, tin box 15 years, welcome everybody to come to consult tin price.
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